New Year, New Post

One of my aims for this new year is to update my website regularly. I’m hoping to write a few posts, at least two or three, per week. To start, I thought I would share some photos of two of my newest decks which I received from Christmas from my darling Husband.

Cat Tarot

This was a deck that I was very eagerly anticipating after following its creation on Facebook. The creator is Carol-Anne Eschenazi and you can view some of her sketches and photos of the cards on her Facebook page. The deck uses characters from popular culture, literature and history in a delightful feline fashion! Each card is rich with meaning, over and above the characters each card portrays. Check back soon for a deck interview.

Pagan Lenormand Oracle

The second deck I received was the Pagan Lenormand Oracle, another deck that has been on my wishlist for quite some time. This Lenormand is by Gina M. Pace and Franco Rivolli. Absolutely beautiful artwork with an accompanying guidebook that provides detailed background information and meanings for each card. In an upcoming post I will write about my first time using this deck and my first experience with a stalker card.

I have some other new additions to my collection that I will be writing about soon. These include Ascension To Paradise: The Transcendent Power of the Bird Kingdom, The Celtic Tarot and the Avalon Tarot.