Weight of The World

The Starseed Oracle

Today the question in the Wild Woman Tarot Challenge was “What must be left behind as I embark on this work?” I drew Weight of The World from the Starseed Tarot. It was eerily apt for the question; leave behind the weight of the world, let the weight on your shoulders go – leave it behind. My answer to the question was:

Being hooked on every moment; stay off social media and news sites, the world’s problems aren’t mine to solve. Instead have dedicated off times; for reading, for meditation and for journaling.
Caring for others is good but I cannot help if my own cup is empty. Leave behind worrying by creating healthier boundaries. Let go.

I do tend to be looking at social media far more than is good for me. I look at Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest. I am definitely a victim of the fear of missing out (FOMO). Although Facebook is mainly to watch the tarot sale groups to catch decks I want (Oh my goodness me I want the Kissa Tarot!).

I want to start a regular meditation practice and while I have been journaling, I could be doing that more and on a deeper level. I have a huge pile of books just waiting to be read. The decision to be made is do I list meditation, journaling and reading as goals for the day or do I actually plan them out in a schedule? Since I’m an excellent procrastinator I think I’ll have more luck with a schedule.

Some related links to push myself in the right direction:

Housewives Tarot

My newest deck is the Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple. This is such a fabulous deck, gorgeous illustrations and a well designed guidebook with some retro humour. Below is the first draw I made and yes, that is a real retro cookbook in the background, I collect those too!

My interpretation:  Time to chill out, relax. Things are going well but you need a timeout. Some self care and a good drink. Just stay away from the knives!

The Path Of The Druids

I’m currently studying the Bardic grade of the larger course offered by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Still at the beginning but very much enjoying it. I’ve bought a nice journal to keep my notes and reflections in and have my pen at the ready! I’m looking forward to reaching the Ovate grade due to my love of tarot and divination. Your can read more about the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids on the website.

Decks I am using at the moment include the Work Your Light Oracle, the Starseed Oracle and the Aboriginal Healing Oracle. One of my favourite things to do is to look up tarot and oracle decks on Amazon and see what’s on Prime – a deck delivered in 24 hours or less, Whee! Especially tempting now that we’re all trying to limit our travel due to Covid-19.

Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

To get myself back into both daily tarot draws and posting on Instagram, I’ve joined a tarot challenge on Instagram. It is the Wild Woman Challenge by the lovely purefield.healing.