Hello! I’m Lish – Welcome to my new weblog! CatMystic combines two of my most favourite things, cats and all that is mystic such as tarot cards, druidry and spiritual magic. I’m still nutting out what I will be writing about on here but tarot cards are a given!

Tarot Photo

I am currently participating in two photo challenges on Instagram and will regularly post updates from those and perhaps some general musings. I am CatMystic on instagram if you want to find me there.

Some of the newest additions to my ever-growing tarot & oracle deck collection are Wisdom of The Oracle, Cat’s Eye Tarot and Animals Divine. I cannot resist a cat-themed deck as you will see in future posts. I’m currently reading two books on Tarot; Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack and Psychic Tarot by Nancy Antenucci & Melanie Howard. I have been learning to read tarot cards for a few months and am determined to improve my skills, especially with using my intuition to divine meanings.

I will be adding regular posts about learning to read tarot cards, my interest in mystical subjects, and a bit of crafting and cooking. I hope you will visit me again!