Everyday Witch Tarot

My newest deck and I think what will become my favourite deck, is the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba. The deck is published by Llewellyn Worldwide.

Photo of Everyday Witch Tarot, the special edition

This is one of Elisabeth Alba’s special editions of which she made¬†thirty copies. I chose a print of the Four of Swords which was the first card I saw and made me instantly want the deck. My special hand-drawn card is of a gorgeous black cat looking at the moon from his majestic perch!

From the first look through I am tremendously happy with the deck. I am aware some reviewers have said that they find the card stock too thin, in my personal opinion it is just right. I am a gentle card shuffler and I never use shuffling techniques such as the riffle shuffle because I am concerned that over time this would damage cards regardless of the card stock.

The illustrations are beautiful and perfectly themed to allow for intuitive reading of the deck. The guidebook is clear, personable and a pleasure to read. This is one of the few guidebooks that I have enjoyed enough to settle down with and read like I would a normal book.

My first draw with the Everyday Witch tarot was for a deck interview. I use two spreads as a guide for deck interviews, either this one from Little Red Tarot or this one by Katey Flowers.
For the interview below I followed the spread by Katey Flowers.

Everyday Witch Deck Interview

My interview with the Everyday Witch Tarot.

1: What you can teach me – The Magician.
I can teach you how to find your own inner magic. I can open the doors that fear has previously closed. I will tutor you on personal power, authenticity and personal sovereignty; I am your magical ally.

2: Describe Yourself – Justice.
I know the way, I know the rules. I know when to break the rules. I will remind you to choose a path of balance and truth.

3: Describe me – The Star.
You have power within but you still don’t trust it. It’s there waiting for you to harness. Look to the light within; you’re too shy to use your talents, you keep holding back.

4: How can we work together – Nine of Pentacles.
We can work on grounding, on study and on learning. I am all about focus and determination and that is what you need. Focus and effort will lead the way.

5: Your strengths – Ace of Swords.
I am sharp witted and confident; I communicate clearly. I am skilled at harnessing focus and helping you find your own strength. I am a path to being open to the moment, to grabbing new ideas and opportunities. Always reach higher!

6: Your weaknesses – Five of Cups.
I do not work well on emotional issues, particularly those that deal with despair. I like to find and highlight the way, not focus on how things feel.

7: Our potential together – Queen of Pentacles.
We have the potential to bring ideas to fruition, to obtain what you truly want. We will work on focus, learning, in following your path and reaching your goals. We will work on careers, learning and magic.

This deck is perfect for me, the results above gave me goosebumps! It even gave me the Star, in the position for the card that describes me; the Star being my favourite card. This deck has come into my life at the perfect time and will be so helpful at this current stage of my life.

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