Weight of The World

The Starseed Oracle

Today the question in the Wild Woman Tarot Challenge was “What must be left behind as I embark on this work?” I drew Weight of The World from the Starseed Tarot. It was eerily apt for the question; leave behind the weight of the world, let the weight on your shoulders go – leave it behind. My answer to the question was:

Being hooked on every moment; stay off social media and news sites, the world’s problems aren’t mine to solve. Instead have dedicated off times; for reading, for meditation and for journaling.
Caring for others is good but I cannot help if my own cup is empty. Leave behind worrying by creating healthier boundaries. Let go.

I do tend to be looking at social media far more than is good for me. I look at Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest. I am definitely a victim of the fear of missing out (FOMO). Although Facebook is mainly to watch the tarot sale groups to catch decks I want (Oh my goodness me I want the Kissa Tarot!).

I want to start a regular meditation practice and while I have been journaling, I could be doing that more and on a deeper level. I have a huge pile of books just waiting to be read. The decision to be made is do I list meditation, journaling and reading as goals for the day or do I actually plan them out in a schedule? Since I’m an excellent procrastinator I think I’ll have more luck with a schedule.

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