78 Days of Tarot – VIII Strength

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Cat's Eye Tarot - Strength

VIII Strength

Where the previous card of the Chariot was about hard control, this card is about soft control. We can see this in the kitten sitting calmly in the presence of a much larger dog. Both animals are calm in their demeanour.

The strength card often depicts a human in the place of the kitten and a lion in the place of the dog. Lions (Leo) are associated with strength and being ‘King of the jungle’. In Tarot Wisdom Rachel Pollack discusses how the lion was seen as also symbolising wild or “animal” desires, giving the card a message of subduing ones desires.

In her own deck (The Shining Tribe) Pollack uses a lioness who is reaching for the future yet still looking to the lessons of the past. Like Pollack, I don’t see passion as something that needs subduing; it is part of who we are.

To me, strength is about aligning with your passion and clearly knowing who you are – your strengths. It is a gentle strength that is tempered by compassion & patience. Another ‘know thyself’ card.

Link to my Instagram post: Strength

Tarot Deck used: Cat’s Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin. Website: Cat’s Eye Tarot
Book Referenced : Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack.

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